Manage your Show Up Go Up list via SMS!

BEFORE YOU PROCEED, KNOW THIS: I'm a comedian, not a programmer. This things works. I use it myself. But it's not pretty, and could be a little more user friendly.

Tired of managing the show up, go up list for your shows?
Make it easy using text messages!

1. Publish your ShowUpGoUp SMS number

2. Performers text their stage name

3. Your list is built and performers get a response with their spot in the lineup!

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How it Works

It's easy! 1-2-3!

  1. Let everyone know your ShowUpGoUp text number
  2. Create an event
  3. They sign up by texting!
  4. Order your list of performers
  5. Push a button and they all get a text with their position in lineup!
  6. THAT'S IT!


[Psst, right now it's free...give it a try.]